Remixing The 'New Moon' Trailer Tease In Freeze Frames

Oh what a world we live in. It used to be that trailers were just those things that ran before movies. A few months later you'd see something that looked like a trailer, but shorter, on TV. Then the Internet came along and mucked everything up with its Youtubes and its Googles. Now we live in an age where demand runs so high for certain properties that the trailers themselves get trailers.

In the spirit of overdoing it, today's edition of Freeze Frames brings a little something different. Usually, we serve up a gallery of trailer stills for you to peruse at your leisure. Today's "New Moon" trailer tease is a little bit different. Since the clippage is so exceedingly brief, we've simply colored select moments with thoughts that fall well below the Twitter 140 character cap.

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