'Law & Order: SVU' Stars Toast Birthdays, Not Sex Crimes

Richard BelzerIn today's Daily TwitPic, "Law & Order: SVU" stars Ice-T and Richard Belzer are out celebrating the elder actor's birthday. Thank you Warmoth for giving me such gold to work with this morning. Should I guess at what kind of wine they're drinking? One commenter suggested that the bread is challah, even though it's clearly not.

Belzer's "SVU" character Munch has jumped between a number of TV series' over the years. His first main gig was on "Homicide: Life on the Street," based on "The Wire" creator David Simon's book, "Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets." Munch also made a cameo on "The Wire," as well as "Law & Order" vanilla, "The X-Files," "Sesame Street," "Arrested Development" and a number of others. And now he's celebrating a happy birthday in NYC with his pal Ice-T, who wrote the song "Cop Killer" in 1991. Funny how the world works that way.

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