An Early Taste Of The 'New Moon' Trailer On Wednesday

This is a minor news bite, a nothing, throwaway bit of "check this out." And you Twilighters will love it. Hell, you probably know all about it already. But I'm going to update you anyway. As you well know, the second trailer for "New Moon" will premiere this weekend in front of "Bandslam."

What I failed to mention earlier is that you'll be able to get a tiny taste of said trailer on Wednesday -- two days from now -- when a 10 second clip airs nationwide. I don't have channel or time details, but it's a safe bet that anything airing across the country will arrive on the Internet in roughly the time that it takes for a light switch to be flipped. This is "Twilight" we're talking about, after all.

Since I already ran the first "New Moon" trailer earlier today, I thought I'd take y'all back to the time before the phenomenon overtook us all. Enjoy!

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