'G.I. Joe' And The Rise Of The Ridiculous Crossover

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobraby Alan Kistler

For years, people have enjoyed the adventures of the G.I. Joe team, a counter-terrorist unit made up of people from all military branches. In the comics, the Joes have repeatedly encountered the alien warriors known as the Transformers, leading to some fun crossover stories.

Now that G.I. Joe has returned -- as a multi-national organization, of course -- to the spotlight with the new film "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" and brand new comics from IDW, I got to wondering what other fun crossovers could occur with this new team. So in the same vein of my list of "Transformers" crossovers, here are some fun team-ups that I think would be entertaining for everyone.

G.I. Joe / X-Men

Everyday there are more mutants, people born with a mysterious X-gene that gives them superhuman traits and powers. The mutant terrorist Magneto and his followers are attacking military bases, convinced that it is their right to rule over humanity as the latest evolutionary step forward. When conventional military forces prove helpless, the G.I. Joe team is called in. But when the Joes cross paths with a strange group of mutants called the X-Men, they assume this is another group of terrorists, and fighting ensues. Fans could be thrilled by battles such as Snake-Eyes vs. Wolverine before the two teams realize they are on the same side and join forces to take on Magneto and his puppets in the Cobra organization.

G.I. Joe / Underworld

For years, G.I. Joe struggled against the forces of Cobra and other terrorist cells. But when Snake-Eyes and Stalker stumble into the wrong place at the wrong time, they discover that a secret war between vampires and werewolves has been happening for centuries right under their noses. Convinced that both sides are threats to humanity, G.I. Joe decides to take them all down, gearing up with new silver-laced bullets and a whole lot of stake-shooting crossbows. Extreme bloodshed -- and hilarity -- ensue.

G.I. Joe / Tron

Cobra Commander has a new weapon: an artificial intelligence program called Master Control that can hack into any computer on the planet, providing him with state secrets from various countries and schematics for weapons that haven’t gone into production yet. How can G.I. Joe fight Cobra when Master Control knows where they are at all times and tracks their communication? That’s where their new ally comes in. Computer programmer Kevin Flynn fought Master Control years before. Forced out of solitude by circumstance, he's ready to lead a group of Joes against the A.I., digitizing them all so they may enter the strange computer world. Meanwhile, the rest of G.I. Joe employ low-tech guerilla tactics to defeat Cobra in the real world, without Master Control's knowledge. Let the games begin!

Mortal KombatG.I. Joe / Mortal Kombat

The evil Emperor Shao Khan and the sorcerer Quan Li both seek a mystical prize that will make them invincible. Deciding to act through agents, the Emperor assembles a group of those same heroes who have so often defeated him, threatening to unleash his warriors on Earth if they do not cooperate. Once again, the human warriors Liu Kang, Sonya Blade, Jax and Johnny Cage must defend their home, joined by Kitana, Sub-Zero and the deadly Scorpion. Quan Li follows suit and recruits his own champions, gathering together G.I. Joe soldiers Snake-Eyes, Quick Kick, Roadblock, Gung Ho and Jinx, as well as the Cobra agents Zartan, Storm Shadow and the Baroness. No matter which team wins, Earth is in danger if either Quan Li or the Emperor gain the power of the prize. Can these collected warriors find a way to join forces and defeat the evil men who are forcing them to fight? I don't know what I'm more excited for: the crossover movie idea, or the tie-in video game that would inevitably follow it.

G.I. Joe / Aliens / Predator

Locked inside a strange pyramid hidden in Egypt, Cobra discovers creatures that could be the perfect biological weapons. These aliens prove too resourceful and they break free, killing their Cobra handlers and escaping into the desert in search of new prey. G.I. Joe is sent to investigate Cobra’s new bio-weapons and they arrive unprepared for these creatures with razor-sharp tails and acid blood. Adding to the chaos, a warrior from another planet arrives to take down as many aliens as he can -- as well as anyone else who gets in his way. Can the Joes convince the Predator that they’re on the same side? Can Snake-Eyes beat the Predator in a battle? Will Cobra and G.I. Joe be forced to join forces to take out the mutual threat posed by the aliens? It would sure be fun to find out!