'Toy Story'/'Toy Story 2' 3-D Double-Feature Gets A Trailer

Ah, "Toy Story." You're the best. Err... second-best. I actually prefer your younger brother, "Toy Story 2." But you were great first. And the two of you make for an entertaining pair.

As you've probably heard by now (if you're a fan that is), Pixar's revolutionary first feature and its sequel are getting a 3-D makeover this fall. The double-feature will hit theaters on October 2, and will stick around for two weeks. I know it's a small window, but that should motivate fans to actually buy tickets rather than putting off a trip to the movies.

Whatever your plan is, here's the latest trailer for the upcoming paired 3-D release. Cute. I hope I'll be able to set aside some time to check this out in October. How about you?