'District 9' And A 'New Moon' Trailer Highlight This Week's Box Office Poll

See what I did up there? With the "New Moon" trailer? All due respect to "Bandslam," the release this week which will exclusively feature the latest trailer from the next adaptation in the "Twilight" series, but we've got a little bit of a "Meet Joe Black" situation going on here. For those who don't remember: "Meet Joe Black" hit theaters in 1998 along with the very first trailer for "Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace." People went nuts over it, with many freely admitting that they bought their ticket just for the trailer.

Granted, this is the second "New Moon" trailer. And according to all reports, "Bandslam" is a far better movie than "Meet Joe Black" was. But Twilighters rival "Star Wars" fans with their fervor. Before we dive in with the rest of the week's releases, why not take one more peek at that first "New Moon" trailer?

My personal pick for the week is "District 9." By the break of dawn tomorrow morning I will have seen the movie twice, and I still intend to put down my money for a three-peat this weekend. The best way to go into this flick is cold. Just watch director Neill Blomkamp's short, "Alive in Joburg," on which the movie is based. Just see it. This is game-changing sci-fi. Just remember: $30 million budget.

If segregated aliens and battling bands aren't your thing, there are two additional wide releases to consider. "The Time Traveler's Wife," starring Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana, is a love story about a man afflicted with a genetic disorder that keeps him jumping around through time. He meets his true love during one such jump, though as you might imagine the illness poses a bit of a problem for their lasting relationship.

Jeremy Piven fans only have to wait until Friday for their next fix, as the fast-talking agent from HBO's "Entourage" stars in the summer comedy "The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard." Piven stars as Don Ready, a fast-talking salesman and hired gun who is brought in to saves a local car dealership. Ready gets more than he bargained for after he meets the woman of his dreams. The plot sounds a bit generic, but with a cast that includes Ving Rhames, Ed Helms, James Brolin and David Koechner, there may be some goods in store for "The Goods."

Rounding out your options are a veritable swarm of limited release options. In addition to last week's "Paper Heart" getting a wider release, you've got "Spread" (Ashton Kutcher, Anne Heche), Disney's "Ponyo" (the latest from Hayao Miyazaki), "It Might Get Loud" (rock 'n roll doc featuring Jack White, The Edge and Jimmy Page), "Grace" (horror/comedy starring Jordan Ladd) and "Taxidermia" (horror/comedy import, a French-Hungarian-Austrian co-production). Whew. What's on your dance card?