'Twilight' Sweeps Teen Choice Awards-- Why Is Anyone Surprised?

The "Twilight" stars have every reason to be humbled by the great success that the series -- which is one movie in and less than a year old, remember -- has enjoyed. I even respect them for not letting the success overwhelm.

Me? I'm not bound by any such restraints. So, respect for the stars' low-key behavior aside, I get a kick out of seeing the train of "I can't believe we're so awesome" quotes that follow each and every accolade the franchise receives. The latest such train comes screaming out of the weekend's 2009 Teen Choice Awards, where "Twi" picked up 11 awards. Did you Twilighters tune in for the festivities? Were you surprised by the wins or is it all just academic at this point? Check out the video below for Ashley Greene's reaction and then head over to MTV.com for a full report on "Twilight"'s latest epic win from Larry Carroll.