Get Your First Look At 'Beyond A Reasonable Doubt' In This EXCLUSIVE Clip

Don't let the 9/11 release date and the slightly loaded title fool you. "Beyond a Reasonable Doubt" has absolutely nothing to do with the World Trade Center. It's actually a remake of director Fritz Lang's 1956 film-noir of the same name. I'm not usually drawn in by remake fever, but this story sounds pretty compelling. A journalist frames himself for murder so he can investigate a seemingly corrupt District Attorney, and the journo's Assistant DA love interest is caught in the middle.

The below exclusive clip is our very first glimpse at the movie. It must be early in the tale, as reporter C.J. Nicholas (Jesse Metcalfe) is clearly trying to woo ADA Ella Crystal (Amber Tamblyn). Can't say I blame him. I'm guessing that Ella's faith in DA bossman Mark Hunter (Michael Douglas) will start to waver shortly after this.

Director Peter Hyams turned out two of my favorite comfort movies of the '90s: "Stay Tuned" and "Timecop." He helmed "Reasonable Doubt" and adapted the screenplay from Douglas Morrow's original. That's really all I need to know.