'Just Cause' Adaptation Is Equal Parts Bourne, Bond, Wolverine, Rambo And... Enrique Iglesias

Just CauseHave you ever played "Just Cause"? Seriously. Excessive parachutes. You don't need anything more than a running start and a two foot drop to catch big air with your 'chute. Throw a long-roped grappling hook into the mix and you've all of the tools necessary for para-sailing mayhem. Or you would, if Eidos Interactive's "Just Cause" were any fun to play. I'm hoping that the movie fares better, since that's exactly what we're getting.

"Hitman" (another Eidos game) producer Adrian Askarieh has picked up the rights to adapt "Just Cause" into a feature film, according to a report in Variety. From the sound of things, the parachute/grappling hook is going to stay as is the basic story following a CIA agent who specializes in regime changes. Those who have played the game will notice one significant change however.

The Scorpion. I know what you're asking yourselves. "Huh?" The Scorpion is our new hero, a "CIA black ops assassin" who is described as "a mix of Jason Bourne, James Bond, Wolverine and Rambo, with a touch of Enrique Iglesias." Fans of the game of course know that Rico Rodriguez is the star. I can't recall the word "Scorpion" ever being mentioned, but I suppose I can forgive a little artistic license. After all, "Rico Rodriguez" isn't a particularly threatening handle.

What I'm curious to see is how the 'chute/grappling hook devices factor into the movie. There are certainly some wild set pieces that could be built around the idea, but one would guess that a movie adaptation of "Just Cause" will root itself more firmly within the confines of physical law. Why? Heck if I know.

There's no other news to report on the project just yet, so scale back your expectations if you're hoping to see "Just Cause" glide into theaters in the next year. Then again, the game sequel "Just Cause 2" has a murky 2010 release date; a rush job to tie the movie release with the game is certainly possible, especially if the sequel slips into fall 2010 release territory.

Do you like "Just Cause" the game? What would you hope to see in a movie adaptation? Which are you more excited about: the sequel to the game or Askarieh's movie?