Final Michael Jackson Rehearsals Highlight Today's Dailies -- 8/10/09

Michael Jackson-- No tricks here, Michael Jackson fans are getting a Halloween treat when Sony Pictures puts out a digestible version of the much-discussed final rehearsal footage. In a throwback to "Captain EO," select bits will be presented in 3-D. Speaking of "EO," wouldn't it be nifty of some of those 3-D clips turned out to be from the Disney attraction? The words "career retrospective" are mentioned after all. (MTV)

-- It still feels so strange to know with absolute certainty that a "Wall Street" sequel is happening. It is though, and the "Money Never Sleeps" cast just got bigger. Frank Langella is in, playing a seasoned broker who mentors Shia LaBeouf's young up-and-comer. The role is said to play "a major part in the film's plot." (Variety)

-- Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal, the writer/director team behind "The Hurt Locker" who have enjoyed a solid limited release run, are setting their sight a bit bigger for the next outing. Action-adventure "Triple Frontier" will get a boost from "The Dark Knight" producer Charles Roven, who certainly isn't wanting for work, what with "Warcraft," "Season of the Witch" and a multitude of others in his pocket. (Variety)

-- "The Hangover" screenwriting team Jon Lucas and Scott Moore are going back to the funny, writing "Change Up" for Universal, with David Dobkin set to direct and produce. It sounds like "The Odd Couple" meets "Vice Versa." Slob friend switches bodies with American Dream livin' friend. Dobkin's previous efforts are an odd mix, including "Shanghai Nights," "Fred Claus," "Clay Pigeons" and "Wedding Crashers." (Variety)

-- Vampires and werewolves are in, and a return to "Underworld" is to be expected. The word is that a new trilogy is coming, with the fourth entry to be delivered in... 3-D. Face it folks-- 3-D is the new color. (Shock Till You Drop