Director John Hamburg Talks About 'I Love You, Man' Losing To 'Twilight' At The MTV Movie Awards

Wolverine'I Love You, Man” has established its legacy. Not because it came out at a time when the nebulous idea of the pop culture bromance had started cropping up in newspaper trend pieces. Not because the film, starring Paul Rudd and Jason Segel as unlikely best buds, grossed over $70 million dollars at the box office. “I Love You, Man” has secured its spot in the cultural lexicon because the king of Hollywood comedies, Judd Apatow, has lovingly poked fun at it in one of his movies.

As writer/director John Hamburg tells MTV News, “There’s a line in ‘Funny People’ where a guy tells Adam Sandler’s character, ‘Oh, your career is hot—Paul Rudd wants to star in a bromance with you.’ I emailed Judd and said, ‘Do you have a director for that project?’”

While that flick might not yet have a greenlight, Hamburg deadpanned that he’s working on a 3-D sequel featuring guinea pigs. Apparently Jerry Bruckheimer is psyched. Those furry little guys better be willing to embarrass the hell out of themselves, because as Hamburg tells it, he had no mercy when it came to writing for his “Love You” actors.

Rudd’s Peter Klaven, a guy who has no guy friends because he’s so much more comfortable hanging out with girls: “An opera of awkward,” Hamburg declares.

Segel’s hipster playboy who befriends Peter and you’re not really sure why: “Is he sweet?” Hamburg asks. “Is he a serial killer? You don’t really know where he’s coming from.”

Jon Favreau’s frustrated family man: “That guy’s the jerk I went to high school with.”

But none of these guys complained because "Love You," out on DVD Tuesday, turned out to be so damn funny. Rudd even was game for a serious dude-on-dude make-out session with Thomas Lennon in one of the movie’s most fantastically cringe-inducing scenes. The duo ended up getting nominated in the Best Kiss category at this year’s MTV Movie Awards. Alas, like so many other films, Rudd and Lennon lost to RPattz and KStew.

“I think in their hearts, people know that they should have voted for Lennon and Rudd,” Hamburg said. “But we got swept in the tsunami that is ‘Twilight,’ so what are you gonna do? If it went toward hard work, I think Rudd and Lennon deserved it. Commitment, rehearsal time, just spending a weekend in Santa Barbara with each other to get prepared…”