Seth Rogen On 'Apocalypse': 'We Have Not Written One Word Of That Movie'

Seth RogenIf you’ve seen the hilarious trailer for “Jay and Seth Versus The Apocalypse,” you know that much of the humor in the semi-fake flick comes from the fact that the two roommates are stuck as “two guys” in “one room” after the end of the world as we know it. Now, as the duo have set out to make the movie for real, Jay Baruchel has been telling people, "I just can't believe people think the world wants to see the two of us sitting in an apartment during the apocalypse," and that the film will shoot in 2010. According to his future roomie, however, he’s wrong on both counts.

“I’ll be honest,” Seth Rogen said with a laugh when we asked him about the feature film version of “Jay and Seth versus the Apocalypse” recently. “We have not written one word of that movie.”

Rogen is supposed to be writing the full-length screenplay with longtime partner Evan Goldberg – but in case you haven’t heard, they’ve been hard at work on a little superhero flick called “The Green Hornet.” It was Rogen’s 2007 career explosion that allowed he and Baruchel to get a greenlight (and reported $30 million budget) out of their self-made 1:25 video clip - but now that the A-lister has at least four movies and a TV show in development, it might also be the reason why the “Apocalypse” won’t be coming our way in 2010.

“It could be [coming out next year],” Rogen said, insisting he and Goldberg could still pull it off simultaneously with their work on “Green Hornet,” which begins production in a matter of weeks. “We’ve outlined [‘Apocalypse’] a lot, and we’ve really come up with a lot of it.”

Which is understandable, since “Apocalypse” has already existed as a story by Goldberg and Jason Stone, as well as the “fake” trailer. Still, it's hard to ignore the fact that there's no script. “We actually haven’t come up with the screenplay yet in a significant way,” Rogen admitted. “There’s a chance we’ll make that next year. But that’s good [he’s saying 2010]; I’m glad Jay is optimistic about that.”

As for the other point, concerning Baruchel’s amazement that people would let them make a movie about the two of them sitting in an apartment? Rogen revealed to us that he plans to indeed make the duo venture outside to explore the post-apocalyptic world.

“That would probably not be good.” Rogen laughed at the idea of a two-hour movie with the duo never going outside. “Yeah, one would imagine that [the film] would not be like that.”

Would you rather see Jay and Seth go outside, or watch them try and make an entertaining movie staying in the apartment the whole time?