Rounding Up Your Reactions To Rachelle Lefevre Being Re-cast in 'Eclipse'

Last week, the "Twilight"-loving Internet was set ablaze when the news broke that Rachelle Lefevre, who played Victoria in "Twilight" and the upcoming "New Moon," would be replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard in "Eclipse," the third movie in the series based on Stephenie Meyer's popular book series. As you might imagine, Twilighters had some things to say over the weekend at the annual TwiCon gathering. See for yourself:

You Twilighters here on the MTV Movies Blog had plenty to say yourselves too. In fact, that's why I'm here today. I figure if we're going to highlight TwiCon goers on video, I can at least highlight some of you commenters here on the blog. So keep reading for some of your own thoughtful responses to the Lefevre/Howard controversy. By the way: kudos to you all for keeping things relatively civil and respectful.

fanpire-angee: One of the only reasons I care that Lefevre is gone is because she was one of the only people out of the entire cast that read the books beforehand and was a fan of the saga before she had a role in it. Did anyone watch the interviews at the beginning? Anyway, I've thought since Day 1 of finding out the cast for Twilight that they did a horrible job at it. I mean honestly... are we really over the fact that RPrattz is really Edward? He is so... I don't know... what's the word... ugly? UGH! How about this? Let's bag the whole cast (except Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz, oh yeah... any Taylor Lautner--because let's face it, he made Jacob likable) and start over. Oh well, I guess we can't ask for a cake and eat it too.

Ali: I don't understand the kind of rejection towards Bryce. I mean, yeah I'm very disappointed about Rachelle's departure, I think she loved the saga and it's characters very much. But I'm excited to see Bryce portray Victoria. I believe she will be dedicated enough to the part by knowing the big success of Twilight, and she happens to be quite familiar with franchises. So as sad/mad/irritated/shocked as I may be about this whole Summit mess up, I am looking forward to see her performance and the development of the Saga, which I love deeply.

LucasScott: from the sounds of the stories, Rachelle innocently pulled a not so smooth move not telling Summit she got an offer, and accepted, for another movie that was going to run close to the start of production. then got hosed when the second movie pushed back filming. Summit is in a tight cause the Olympics are going to ***** location shooting for a good six months and they have a deadline to meet. they had little choice but to recast. hopefully Rachelle and her peeps learned something from this. as for Bryce. i withhold my snark until I see her in the role

twifanatic: The flacks are in play. The article here sets fans straight. With the cast rehearsal into shooting schedule and almost nigh, this actress decided to not only book another film overlapping the schedule, but at the same time she didn't notify the studio she was holding out for more money in the third film. If rachelle had bene shafted the Summit studio would be up for a lawsuit. There are formal forms you have to file to overlap schedules per the screen actors guild and clearances to jump schedules. If rachelle's manager didn;t get them, it meant they were tryng to wring more money out of the studio with it going unsaid she might not show up. As always in hollywood, the studio has more power. nce they were looking at a bigger money scenario, they didn't have to stick to the small budget casting that got rachelle the gig in the first palce. her manager or agent is a bonehead, because they priced her out of her own starring role. Study Hollywood history, happens all the time.

Little Hawk: Scummit allowed Cam Gigandet to work around his schedule in Twilight to film another movie so why not Rachelle? Clearly, they've planned this for a long time because they already have a replacement for her and it takes time to find someone else. I feel so sorry for Rachelle because they allowed her to attend Comic Con and then dropped this bomb on her a couple of days later. My friends and I discussed this yesterday and we're no longer willing to give our hard earned money to this arrogant and greedy studio. We've decided to boycott scummit and anything they produce now and in the future...yes, that includes New Moon and the rest of the franchise. Kicking Rachelle to the curb is the final straw for us because there have been a lot of things scummit has done lately that proves they could care less about the cast or the fans. Enough is enough. We love Rob and Kristen but we'll get our ROBSTEN fix in other ways!

di2007: * Adam --- Summit's statement sounds reasonable. I read it again. And again, and frankly, "their" tone sounds a bit bitter. It is more subtle than Lefevre's "deeply hurt" issue but that is because Summit, despite humble beginnings, has been in the business far longer than Lefevre and knows how to work statements. Lefevre was very open in her statement, but she was honest. I'm sure she was hurt. I would be too. As would many others whose passion and hard work is cut off. If Rachelle mistakenly scheduled a conflict with both 'Barney's Version' and 'Eclipse,' Summit should have sought a workable solution, at the very least, warned her. Summit has been in the game longer than Lefevre and is, I'm sure, well aware of how the industry works. Summit could have found a way to accommodate Lefevre. I'm sure "someone" in Summit must have had an inkling. If the common mass (us) is capable of finding up-to-date news simply by internet browsing, I'm sure a production company has means of some gossip on their cast group. Especially a cast group based off a movie that put them on the "Hollywood" map. Read: "After a string of flops including P2, Penelope, Never Back Down and Sex Drive, Summit found success in November 2008 with the release of Twilight, a teen romance about vampires based on the best-selling book of the same name by Stephenie Meyer, which has grossed more than $300 million worldwide." --Wikipedia This may simply be cause of poor communication of which I blame Summit wholly. Summit needs to realize it was never about their development and production deal that afforded their success. They lucked out in casting a script that was already a New York Times Best Seller. Seems to me Summit picked a script with its own fan base. Anyone could of shot this franchise and it would be a big of a deal as it is now: due only to the actual books themselves. In-fact, many people did not like the film; however, readers of Twilight remained "loyal" because of their love of Meyer's story, characters, drama and romance. I'm not questioning Howard's merit as an actress. What I simply want is a continuation of the same character played by the same cast-mate whose acting has given me a vivid vision of Victoria. And that actor is Rachelle Lefevre. Plus, another argument I have had on Summit is their "fixated" ambitions to make the Twilight saga as big as seemingly possible; if not at the same level of Harry Potter, then certainly as recognizable. They have, in a very short time, changed directors, hinted a possible replacement for Taylor Lautner, and impatiently accelerated filming for the sagas. It seems to me Summit is a bit "hungry" for what possibly entails future Twilight franchises; perhaps fame and fortune of their company.