Ridley Scott And Leonardo DiCaprio Explore A 'Brave New World'

Ridley ScottIs it intervention time for Ridley Scott? The man is helming the still-untitled "Robin Hood" adventure and he already has plans to direct the "Alien" prequel and a "Monopoly" adaptation as well. Today, the director is ramping up yet another project, making Scott either a brave new director or a shameless workaholic.

However you want to describe him, Scott is nonetheless throwing himself towards "Brave New World," based on the classic Aldous Huxley novel of the same name. Scott's been attached to the film for quite awhile, but today brings word from The Hollywood Reporter that Leonardo DiCaprio is joining the fray as a producer with an eye for a starring role. "Apocalypto" writer Farhad Safinia is set to pen the script.

The story of "Brave New World" focuses on a dystopian future in which the populace is governed by The World State, a unifying global society. Human beings are genetically engineered, drug use and self-serving consumption is the norm, and ugliness is frowned upon. When an outcast is brought into the society, he becomes the center of public attention, eventually leading to a deadly downward spiral.

"Brave New World" will be produced collaboratively between DiCaprio's Appian Way and Scott's Scott Free banners for Universal Pictures, according to THR. The article also notes that the timing on "Brave New World" hinges on the script's readiness, meaning "Alien" and/or "Monopoly" could come first.

As for DiCaprio, there are a few characters he could play. The most obvious pick for the leading man is John the Savage, one of the main characters in "Brave New World." John is born outside of the strictly-controlled mainstream society, making him an outcast in the "civilized" world. But he's also an outcast in his "primitive" society, thanks to being the bastard child of a civilized man. This dichotomy and his maladjustment to the dystopian London ultimately lead to him becoming further ostracized and increasingly dangerous to himself and others.

If DiCaprio wants to scale back his acting involvement, he'd do equally well as Helmholtz Watson, an Alpha-Plus intellectual that has both the brains and the looks. I'd like to see his take on Bernard Marx as well, but the character is defined by his awkward physical appearance -- something DiCaprio isn't quite known for, to say the least.

Personally, I'm stoked for this film. If you haven't read the book, you should really put it towards the top of your list. My only concern is Ridley Scott's other obligations -- but frankly, I'd rather him move ahead with this project than retread old ground on "Alien." Scott's vision is perfectly suited for this "Brave New World."

Are you interested in Scott's take on "Brave New World," or do you think the book is too difficult to adapt? Would you rather him push ahead with "Alien"? Let us know what you think in the comments!