'Fraggle Rock' And 'Dark Crystal' Sequel Updates From Brian Henson

The Dark CrystalAs a child of the '80s, I love myself some Muppets and Muppet-like puppets. "Sesame Street," "Fraggle Rock," "The Dark Crystal," "Labyrinth," "The Muppet Show"... these are the things my television raised me on. And so I'm insanely jealous that MTV's Brian Jacks got to sit down and chat with Brian Henson, son of "The Muppets" creator Jim Henson and co-CEO (with his sister Lisa) of the still-thriving Jim Henson Company.

Jacks didn't get to just talk with Henson. He got to pick his brain, to mine him for information. And wouldn't you know it, Henson was all too happy to share. He even volunteered some stuff. What do I mean, you ask? Jacks asked about the "Fraggle Rock" movie, Henson replied with comments about that AND the "Dark Crystal" sequel. Whoa. Hit the jump for the deets.

Henson told us that "Fraggle Rock" is "still in very active development. Very active development. That has a very strong script." Woosh. See that emphasis on the second 'very'? That's all Henson baby. He was emphatic in his "Fraggle" talk. And that's not all!

"It'll have a strong musical component," he said. "It'll be expanded to an older audience. 'Fraggle Rock' [the TV show] was presented... for a pretty exclusively children's audience. The feature film does expand it to be more accessible to a wider audience."

"We have a 'Dark Crystal' sequel, called 'The Power of the Dark Crystal.' It has a very strong script." More emphasis. I like that, Mr. Henson. Enthusiasm. It's infectious. I'm already excited about these projects, and hearing your comments only amplifies that.

"Both of those projects... are very close to going into pre-production," Henson said. "They're both really ready to go. [The studio is] just [in the process of] putting together the final finance pieces and the final distribution pieces."

So there you have it. "Fraggle Rock"? Happening. "The Power of the Dark Crystal"? Happening. When? Soon. How soon? No clue. I'm psyched to hear more though. Are you?