Neill Blomkamp Spent 'Five Months' Working On 'Halo'

Neill BlomkampFor many gamers -- myself included -- "District 9" director Neill Blomkamp was the next great hope for a competent video game-to-film adaptation. He paired up with Peter Jackson to deliver a big screen take on Microsoft's pride and joy franchise, "Halo." The plans ultimately fizzled out due to uncertain supporting studios and an even more uncertain financial environment. It turns out that the project's death was for the best, as without it Blomkamp's plate was cleared for next week's "District 9."

The South African filmmaker spoke with MTV's Josh Horowitz at Comic-Con, and he was more than happy to discuss his experiences with "Halo." Really though, "happy" isn't the right word. Blomkamp is clearly bummed that he didn't get to tackle Master Chief's adventures. Check the interview highlights and the video after the jump.

"It's completely and utterly dead," he said, with a small, wistful grin. "'Halo' is a really tough one for me... it keeps coming up." Not terribly surprising, considering how passionate and loyal the gamer fanbase -- and the "Halo" fanbase in particular -- tends to be.

"It's tough because I spent five months working on it, like 24 hours a day. Not only because it was my first film and I had an opportunity to try and, you know, make the best film I could make, but I loved the creative environments of 'Halo' so much," he said. "The whole universe is incredibly compelling."

"When you spend five months working on something like that, and then you just get the rug pulled out from underneath you, it's not easy to kinda go back to that," he explained. "For me it would be difficult to revisit 'Halo.' I wish I could, but I'm not sure I would be able to."

An unfortunate situation for Blomkamp, one that I hope will be less so next week when audiences go wild for his "District 9" and its incredibly low $30 million budget. Check out the video below for the full Blomkamp interview.