Zoe Bell Is Today's Kickass Lady For The Ridley Scott 'Alien' Prequel

Zoe BellAll of us here at MTV are excited for Ridley Scott's "Alien" prequel. The director hasn't had anything to do with the series since the 1979 original, which is a bonafide classic. To honor Scott and his lasting contribution to badass women in film, we've paired up the lovely duo of MTV contributor Jenni Miller and producer Sohyung Kang to produce a magical list of five leading ladies who could rock Ripley.

Although there aren't any hard and fast deets out there concerning Ridley Scott's prequel to "Alien," I've got my fingers crossed for a female badass to rival Sigourney Weaver's iconic Ripley. Since Weaver has stated publicly she doesn't think Ripley could be part of an "Alien" prequel, I have a few suggestions as to who could fulfill the role of cinema's favorite alien-killing, kitty-saving, space-feminist.

Zoe Bell is a real-life stunt double. She threw herself in harm's way for Uma Thurman's Bride in both "Kill Bill" movies and she did similar work in "Xena: Warrior Princess," "Poseidon," "The Kingdom" and (wait for it) "27 Dresses." Quentin Tarantino was apparently impressed by her "Bill" work, as he got her in front of the camera as an actress doing some sweet car tricks in "Death Proof." In that first half of the "Grindhouse" double-feature, Bell slid all over a bitchin' Camaro as Stuntman Mike tried to kill her and her friends.

Thanks to Tarantino, she's now a hot property as a rough-and-tumble actress who can also do her own stunts. Look for her and her adorable Kiwi accent in the upcoming "Whip It!" as roller derby grrl Bloody Holly. Surely after handling so many real-life smacks to the face, she can go face-to-tongue-face with some acid-spitting Xenomorphs.