Continue Celebrating Our Weekly Birthday Bash With Hollywood Crush

Evangeline LilyEditor's note: Birthday Bash used to live here on MTV Movies Blog. It somehow felt more Hollywood Crush-y though, so I've given Wigler the boot and sent him packing over to Lindsay's space. Make sure to rag on his new pink drapes.

FROM HOLLYWOOD CRUSH: Just as everyone has an opinion, a favorite meal and a nose — albeit a fake one at times — so too does everyone have a birthday. Even celebrities. Here at Birthday Bash (a feature making its debut on Hollywood Crush, as our brother, Movies Blog, has gifted it to us) it’s my mission to salute the fine actors, filmmakers and other Hollywood heroes that are celebrating their special day this week. After all, it’s cheaper than mailing a cake.

This week, we're celebrating an island-bound actress, a twin pair of Frankensteins and a "Monster"-ous Hollywood talent.

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