'Eclipse' Casting Chatter Around The Blogosphere

Bryce Dallas HowardOkay, last big "Twilight" post for the day. This Lefevre/Howard scandal is taking up a lot of bandwidth, but it happens to be a pretty unique and discussion-worthy situation. "Twilight" is a major franchise, so big in fact that it's easy to forget the first big screen adaptation in the series hit theaters considerably less than a year ago. The fanbase has only grown since then, and at an exceptional rate.

Personally, I've done all that I can with this story. I've opined to you. I've thrown images your way. I've polled you. And that about taps me and my admittedly limited knowledge of the franchise out. There's plenty more being said however, out there Around the Blogosphere. And that's the focus of today's column, to bring you opinions from the four corners of the Internet. Enjoy!

-- Here's an open letter to Summit Entertainment from fans who are feeling a bit miffed at the casting change. They want to know why, what prompted the change. Or more why, since Summit has already issued a public statement on the matter. (Letters to Twilight)

-- This one is amusing, and somewhat different. A fan has put together a dramatized script set in the Summit Entertainment offices, with execs discussing the Lefevre situation. Some of the dialogue is pie-in-the-sky speculation, but it's a funny, non-traditional approach to editorializing the news. (A Twilight Kiss)

-- By far the most exhaustive runthrough of the situation, The Movie Fanatic tears apart the dispute piece by piece. They consider the careers of both Lefevre and Howard, the public statements and predominant opinions. (The Movie Fanatic)

-- More opinion-giving on the situation. Short, to the point and bolstered by text from the official statements. (HitFix)

-- Finally, a collection of unsourced quotes on the subject from around the web. They range from constructive to destructive to slightly disturbing. (ReelzChannel)

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