James Cameron Says 'Avatar' Is A 'White-Knuckler'

Speaking with MTV's Josh Horowitz at San Diego Comic-Con last week, "Avatar" director James Cameron demonstrated his understanding of the fan community. "I think that what people like... a fantasy they can invest in, characters that they recognize, that they can feel for... then they want to see kickass action."

It sounds as though that's exactly what Cameron intends to deliver in "Avatar," a healthy mix of absorbing narrative and "kickass action." He even goes as far as putting one of the action sequences shown at SDCC on the same level with previous hits "Aliens" and "Terminator 2: Judgment Day," films which many would agree fall under the heading of "best action films of all time."

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The director seems most excited about how he managed to strike a balanced action/depth mix for "Avatar"'s climax. "The film builds to this kind of climactic battle," he said. "[It is] simultaneously huge but very intense for a small group of characters." Head over to MTV.com to check out more from James Cameron at San Diego Comic-Con!

Where would you rate your anticipation for "Avatar" on a 1 to 10 scale? Will you be out on August 21 to check out the free 15-minute IMAX screenings? What do you think "Avatar"'s action-to-depth ratio should be? Is his assessment accurate?