EXCLUSIVE JUDD APATOW BLOG: My Final Blog – Stream Of Consciousness - Two Days Till 'Funny People'

Judd Apatow and Adam Sandlerby Judd Apatow

As arguably the biggest comedy director working in Hollywood today, Judd Apatow is a funny guy and almost as importantly, he’s been a longtime friend to the MTV Movies Blog, acting as one of our first guest contributors way back when “Knocked Up” was coming out. Well, the big guy is back. Apatow’s next project, of course, is “Funny People.” And lucky for us Judd’s re-joining the MTV Movies Blog gang with a series of exclusive columns hitting every single Thursday between now and the film’s release. Which is THIS Friday. So without further ado, here’s Judd…

At Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

"Funny People" opens this Friday.

Looks good.

Reviews are solid.

Some raves. New Yorker. Rolling Stone.

A few didn't quite get it.

Their hearts are cold and dark.

I pray for them.

Leslie is funnier than me on talk shows.

Why? Why?

Doing The View tomorrow with Seth.

Not sure if you can discuss penises.

Isn't that the subtext of the entire show?

Doing Howard Stern.

Not sure I have enough penis material.

Doing Charlie Rose with Adam.

Must bone up on my knowledge of world conflicts.

Charlie can’t know I know nothing of world events.

Tracking seems good.

Studio thinks we'll do well.

Nobody wants to admit they are excited.

Nobody wants to jinx it.

Jimmy Fallon loved the movie.

Elizabeth Hasselback has not seen the movie.

Maybe that is for the best.

The experience of "Funny People will soon be over.

Very sad.

It was nice spending time with everyone.

I must write more movies so I can spend time with friends.

Do people hang out who don’t work together?

I need to go to sleep.

I have to do Good Morning America after Howard Stern.

What if I forget to change gears?

What if I tell a filthy sex story on GMA.

Oh, I have none.

No problems.

All good.

Now am back at hotel.

Must go to sleep.

I hope it rains so people want to go to the movies this weekend.

Time to take time off from work.

Must buy drug tests for children.

Kids too young for that.

Must buy them and wait for teenage years to use.

I can’t believe I missed Wilco when they were in Los Angeles.

Remember when Adam was on Remote Control.

That was twenty years ago.

I am old (er).

I need to eat better.

I wonder if Barbara Walters saw the movie.

I wonder if Diane Sawyer brought Mike Nichols.

He should go. I saw Spamalot twice.

It was very expensive.

He owes me.

Must go to sleep now.

Have to get up at six AM.

Too stressed.

If I take an Excedrin PM I will be groggy on Howard Stern.

Might slip and tell dirty stories about Leslie.

Don’t take sleeping pill.

Think about other things.

Movie is not that important.

New season of Mad Man is starting soon.