Sex Sells Around The Blogosphere

Funny PeopleIt's a sexy day Around the Blogosphere. Only two item to highlight though. I'm not being lazy, it's just that we're pretty darn busy. Plus, I'm going for a theme here. As the above headline illustrates. Is it a coincidence that both of the writers pegged in today's post happen to be MTV writers? Actually yes, yes it is. You can believe me or you can not, but it's the truth.

First we have a list from Christopher Campbell over on SpoutBlog: "10 Actors Who Shouldn't Do Sex Scenes," inspired by an Adam Sandler moment in this week's "Funny People." A moment which doesn't bear repeating here. That's kind of the point with Chris's list. Not that Sandler makes the 10. He isn't even in the running, says Chris. I like that "Harry Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe makes the cut. And I agree.

Over on Cinematical, Jenni Miller runs through her favorite movie sex creeps in the blog's bi-weekly Cinematical Seven column. The list is a big win simply for cramming Julian Sands and Crispin Glover references onto a single page. "Warlock" and "Willard"! Jenni credits Glover's turn as the Thin Man in "Charlie's Angels" for his creepy sex appeal, but I prefer his rat-loving introvert from "Willard." And Sands was "Warlock"'s warlock. They just don't make movies like that anymore. We're probably all better off.