The 'Twilight' Cast Wows Fans In A Surprise San Diego Comic-Con Appearance

This is kind of amazing. Here's a video clip of San Diego Comic-Con "Twilight" madness. For those who hadn't heard, there were some special screenings of "Twilight" in San Diego during the show. Kellan Lutz, Peter Facinelli and Taylor Lautner all showed up to surprise the crowd at one of those screenings and the results are... well, they're pretty astonishing. I love the cute bit at the end with the little kid named Jacob in a "Twi"-branded BK hat.

Do any of you ever wonder if the "Twilight" cast members wear earplugs for their public appearances? You Twilighters do worshipful shrieking better than any fanbase I've ever encountered. And I've seen Phish. Big ups for that.