'Funny People' Star Adam Sandler Stops Time In Today's eBay Prop-Watch

ClickThis Friday, comedy superstar Judd Apatow unleashes his official summer comedy for 2009, "Funny People." In it, Adam Sandler stars as George Simmons, a blazing hot comedian/actor who learns that he is afflicted with some sort of incurable disease. He hires a budding young comic named Ira Wright (Seth Rogen) to be his personal assistant, and the two become fast friends as George comes to grips with facing his own mortality.

To celebrate the impending dose of Sandler, today's eBay Prop-Watch highlights a cool item from the 2006 family comedy "Click." In it, Sandler's character comes to possess a superpowered universal remote which is capable of screwing with time in a variety of ways. He overuses it, learns his lesson and all is set right in the end. Sorry for the spoilers. So what might today's Prop-Watch pick be?

You guessed it. Sandler's "Click" remote. This is actually one of four different remotes used during the shoot. The prop is described as "a rigid (harder) foam with metal stunt... basically used for hero shots but lighter to hold." So no, it's not going to stop time or fast-forward time or do anything really, other than sit there and look like it has a function.

The item includes a stand and not one but two letters of authenticity (one is technically a certificate). And how much will this lovely item set you back? The Buy It Now price is $3,450, but the auction bidding -- still at 0 bids -- opens at $3,300. A steal!