Tim Burton On The 'Beauty' Of The 'Twilight' Phenomenon

Tim BurtonA couple weeks ago, in an exclusive chat, Tim Burton told us that he plans to film his delightfully peculiar supernatural movie “Dark Shadows” next year. Adapted from a cult classic ‘60s soap opera, the film will star Johnny Depp as the lover/biter Barnabas Collins.

That’s right: Tim Burton is making a vampire flick, and making one at time when the blood-suckers, from “Twilight” to “True Blood” to “The Vampire Diaries,” are experiencing a pop culture resurrection. How does Burton feel about joining the vampire zeitgeist? How will his “Shadows” stack up against “Twilight”?

“You can’t predict when something is going to become a phenomenon, and that’s the beauty of it,” he told MTV’s Josh Horowitz at Comic-Con.

Check out the video to hear Burton discuss “Harry Potter,” why entertainment phenomena are so hard to forecast, and who he wants to watch “Twilight” with one day.