'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Star Kaitlin Olson Talks With MTV At Comic-Con

Kaitlin Olsonby Savas Abadsidis

The popular FX sitcom "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" was born as a low-budget pilot in 2005. The quirky cast of bar patrons who inhabit Paddy's Bar in South Philadelphia impressed network execs enough for a seven episode first season to be ordered, for an August 2005 premiere. Four years and four completed seasons later, the show is still going strong, with the fifth season premiere set for September 17. We got to sit down with "Sunny" star Kaitlin Olson at San Diego Comic-Con last week, who talks about what's next for the show and what she's been doing with her free time.

MTV: What’s going on in the fifth Season of Sunny?

Kaitlin Olson: What’s going on?! There’s so much going on—we tackle the economy this season—we take the economy head on. Charlie starts to market kitten mittens, and we do a lot of Paddy’s Pub’s merchandising, hopefully we’ll be able to sell a lot of the stuff on line—because I really like it—there’s one thing in particular that I am excited about but I can’t talk about it. Sweet D gets boyfriend this season so that’s really fun. We wrestle for the troops—we do a show for the troops to show our appreciation—Rowdy Roddy Piper is in that episode and it’s AMAZING!

MTV: What else?

KO: Sweet Dee gets a part in an M. Night Shamalayan movie, so it’s pretty great, a pretty great year…

MTV: We’ve heard rumors of an octomom episode… what’s that all about?

KO: Dee decides to become a surrogate in one of her many ideas to raise money in the bad economy—she’s always scamming to make money in all the episodes. We’re always trying fun ways to make more money.

MTV: You also just finished a feature called right?

KO: Yeah, it was really great, it’s called Leap Year, and it stars Amy Adams and I play her best friend…. There’s this tradition in Ireland that every leap year women are allowed to propose to a man, their boyfriend and he is obliged to accept. So she flies to Dublin to visit her boyfriend who is there on a business trip to propose. It was really fun, Amy’s so great to work with… so I was flying back and forth between filming IASIP and Leap Year… and I have an independent film that I shot last year that was just in limited release called Weather Girl. I get to play another really stupid person—I like find it fun to make fun of stupid people (laughs). So it’s been a busy year.

MTV: Did you do anything interesting in Dublin while you were there?

KO: I literally was shooting both things so I would fly in for the day and shoot and fly back and then turn around and do it again. I drank Guinness with Amy Adams… that was about the most fun.

MTV: So we’re here at Comic-Con and I have to ask who’s your favorite superhero?

KO: I was always desperately in awe of Wonder Woman, the Lynda Carter TV show; I just never got over her special skills. Like how amazing her aim was that any bullet you fired would just end up around her wrist. That was sooo cool.

MTV: If you could play a superhero, who would you want to play?

KO: A hero? Oh shit! That’s easy, the greatest superhero ever! Bea Arthur.

Photos by Savas Abadsidis