San Diego Comic-Con '09 Video Segments You May Have Missed

Cameron DiazThe movies team working on location at San Diego Comic-Con this year did a kickass job. They flat-out crushed it. In addition to all of the coverage we've been rolling out since last Wednesday, there are literally boxes of tape just waiting to be digitized and served direct to your waiting eyeballs.

Since the onslaught has really only just begun (seriously, you have no idea), I figure now might be a good time to remind you of a few delectable video nuggets that you may have missed. I hadn't even seen some of these until yesterday. SDCC is a big show and the amount of coverage we have from it is almost overwhelming. So peep these vids before the next giant load rolls through.

'Dr. Who's' David Tennant On 'Hobbit' Rumors

The actor debunked rumors he might be involved in 'The Hobbit.'

Cameron Diaz Mum On 'Green Hornet'

MTV Movies editor Josh Horowitz tries to get Diaz to spill the beans on her superhero adventure.

Jason Bateman And Mila Kunis Vie For Hottest

The stars of "Extract" debate who is the hottest and who would get second place.

Danny DeVito Wants To Be Naked With Angelina Jolie

"People want to see my naked body," says the comedic actor.

Peter Jackson Is A 'Geek'

The "District 9" producer classifies himself as a science-fiction fan, though this is his first time attending Comic-Con.