'Twilight' Dominates Your Favorite San Diego Comic-Con Clips

TwilightWell there's certainly a theme in these videos. "Twilight" coverage very nearly sweeps our top San Diego Comic-Con video clips from the past week. Only one mainstream comic book-related property even breaches the top five, and it still falls a couple thousand clicks short of the next highest performing video.

You Twilighters impress me, but you also scare me a little. You showed up in force at a veritable Mecca of geek culture, outdoing a very driven assortment of fan communities with your fervor. Again (let's not forget last year). I'm starting to think that watching "Twilight" may have this "Ring"-like effect on people, and that every day more and more of us are being forcibly inducted into your vampire army. But to what end? You watch these videos while I try to work through your nefarious plans.

#5 Megan Fox Proves Her Geek Cred

The "Jennifer's Body" star and admitted fangirl rattles out what she hopes to see at Comic-Con.

#4 Scarlett Johansson Kicks 'Iron Man 2' Ass

The blonde beauty reveals what to look forward to in the superhero sequel.

#3 Jennifer Love Hewitt Loves 'New Moon's' Edward Cullen And Robert Pattinson

The actress professed her desire to be included in the movie series.

#2 Hallucinations Of Robert Pattinson In 'New Moon'

Kristen Stewart explains how Robert Pattinson will be used in the movie.

#1 Taylor Lautner And Kristen Stewart Make Relationship Magic

Stewart describes Bella and Jacob's on-camera rapport: "They have fun with each other."