Kung Fu Cyborgs And Living Through 'Saw' Around The Blogosphere

Tobin BellMaybe it's just that my search skills aren't up to snuff today, but there's not a lot of stuff popping Around the Blogosphere at the moment. I suspect it has something to do with the post Comic-Con comedown. As fun as these events can be, they're also incredibly draining. Especially if you're looking at a schedule crammed with appointments and panels from sunup to sundown. When do the writers write, you ask? In transit and in lieu of bed!

Slow day or not, you will find Kung Fu Cyborgs after the jump. And a "Saw"-themed Las Vegas attraction. TWO of them. And of course the usual helping of opinions and lists. So what are you waiting for? Click through already!

-- How can I do anything other than lead with a story relating to "Kung Fu Cyborgs"? Not just any Kung Fu Cyborg either... this sucker transforms. Thanks go out to FilmDrunk for pointing me over to the trailer for Jeffrey Lau's "Kung Fu Cyborg." And yes, I'm aware that I just used the phrase "Kung Fu Cyborg" (there it is again!) four times in as many sentences. It's just kind of... awesome. (Twitch Film)

-- The Guardian film blogger Ryan Gilbey runs through some of his most shameful film obsessions. I'm not sure that I'd really call obsessing over "The Blues Brothers" shameful, but to each their own. It's funny to see what shames different people. In a response on Cinematical, Jessica Barnes declares "Clue" to be one of hers. Blasphemy, I say! As for me? "Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight." Mock away, adoring public. (The Guardian and Cinematical)

-- Dave Gibbons' name may not be as recognizable as Alan Moore's, but he's nonetheless exactly one half of what makes "Watchmen" (the graphic novel, that is) so damn incredible. In an interview with the artist, Rotten Tomatoes' Luke Goodsell gets him to run through his five favorite films. And no, Zack Snyder's adaptation of "Watchmen" is not among them. (Rotten Tomatoes)

-- Back to Cinematical for a bit of (hilarious) news. The city of Las Vegas, shrine of all things tacky, will soon be home to not one but two public attractions themed after the "Saw" franchise. The once-glorious hotel Circus Circus hosts a yearly Fright Dome attraction during the Halloween season. This year, two of the five haunted houses constructed within the five-acre space will be themed after "Saw" villain Jigsaw's traps. I'm just not sure what's more terrifying: living the "Saw" experience or having to visit Circus Circus to do so. (Cinematical)