Comic-Con: Joss Whedon And Eliza Dushku Set The Record Straight On The Unaired Episode Of 'Dollhouse'

I've never seen Joss Whedon's "Dollhouse." Not a single episode. Don't get me wrong, I want to. The premise -- the exploits of blank human slates who can be "imprinted" with new personas and then hired out for a variety of purposes -- is cool. And the confirmation of a coming second season makes me feel better about investing in the young series. I'm still feeling wounded after the passing of "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles."

In the below video, Whedon and "Dollhouse" star Eliza Dushku discuss the San Diego Comic-Con premiere of "Epitaph One," the unaired thirteenth episode from season one. I have no idea what they're talking about. It sounds like the ep was shot as a "just in case we're canceled" ass-saver, to give disheartened fans some closure. From the sound of things though, Whedon left it open enough that "Epitaph One" still fits into the continuing timeline.

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