'Dead Space' And Digital Copy Opining Today Around The Blogosphere

David CronenbergIt’s been a video game-y week Around the Blogosphere. Sam Raimi being attached to a “Warcraft” adaptation was the talk of last week of course -- the non-Comic-Con talk, that is -- but there’s also been news about “Castlevania” and “Asteroids” movies. Today brought word of a “Dead Space” adaptation, which publisher Electronic Arts will soon auction off to the highest bidding studio. As you might expect, the news inspired some opinion-rattling across the thinking person’s Internet.

There’s also some chatter about the value of DVD/Blu-ray releases that include Digital Copy, ruminations on a similar pair of “crazy kid” movies, some David Cronenberg commentary/speculation and light spoilerage on the "Smurfs" movie front, thanks to some casting call announcements. PLUS-- I read today on Cinematical that the excellent(ly twisted) Bobcat Goldthwait-directed movie "World's Greatest Dad" is now available to watch On Demand. Order that up and tell us what you think here in the comments or at Your MTV.

-- So about that "Dead Space" news. MTV contributor Jenni Miller asks if "great video games could finally get great movies" over at Cinematical. It's a broad perspective piece, based not only on "Dead Space" but also last week's Raimi/"Warcraft" news. FilmDrunk's Vince Mancini also has some things to say about "Dead Space," albeit less complimentary ones. As much of a fan as I am of the game, I have to concede that Mancini makes some excellent points in his brief observation. (Cinematical and FilmDrunk)

-- In response to the news that "Videodrome" and "Eastern Promises" director David Cronenberg will adapt Don DeLillo's novel "Cosmopolis," Movieline's S.T. Vanairsdale has come up with a list of four other DeLillo works that should come first for Cronenberg. I've never read DeLillo, but "Underworld" and "White Noise" has always been on the list. Interestingly, both appear on Vanairsdale's list as well. (Movieline)

-- Writing for Horror Squad, Eric Snider compares last weekend's "Orphan" with the Macaulay Culkin 'classic,' "The Good Son." You know, the one where a post-"Home Alone" Culkin says to Elijah Wood: "don't f--k with me." Classic. (Horror Squad)

-- I found this one by way of the always-excellent HighDefDigest. Gizmodo has an opinion piece up -- a fairly angry one -- questioning the value of portable video player-friendly Digital Copy add-ons which are becoming increasingly common in DVD/Blu-ray releases. What do you think? How have your Digital Copy experiences treated you so far? (Gizmodo Australia)

-- Finally, Michael Ausiello's regular Armchair Casting Director column shifts focus today for a movie. Casting announcements have gone out for leads in "The Smurfs Movie," complete with character descriptions. Beware of spoilers however; you may not want to know this information just yet. (The Ausiello Files on EW.com)