Wes Anderson's 'The Fantastic Mr. Fox' To Premiere At London Film Festival

The Fantastic Mr. FoxWes Anderson's modeled characters, who will be voiced by Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman and Jarvis Cocker showed up online for the world to see today. The pictures premiered in conjunction with the announcement that the first showing of Anderson's stop-motion Roald Dahl movie "The Fantastic Mr. Fox" will belong to the London Film Festival. His first foray into feature-length animation unsurprisingly brings back many of his standard actors, but the look of the film is entirely new territory for the man known for his work on "The Royal Tennenbaums" and "Rushmore."

"['Fantastic Mr. Fox'] was the first book I ever owned," Anderson told USA Today, where new pictures from the set appeared. "My brothers and I loved Mr. Fox and all the digging. We were obsessed with underground forts and tunnels."

Anderson, along with cast members George Clooney, Meryl Streep and Schwartzman are expected to be at the October 14 screening which kicks off The Times BFI London Film Festival, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The film, which currently has a November 13 release scheduled for the U.S., follows an expanded version of Dahl's original story where farmers faces off against the Clooney-voiced Mr. Fox as he relentlessly goes after their chickens.

"It's funny, but also visually beautiful," Schwartzman said. "Instead of adapting his style of directing to animation, he brought animation to him. He made a Wes film."

Images released from the set show the scale of Anderson's figures for "Fox," including Murray poking his head through a tiny room where his character, a badger and lawyer, appears to be working. The part will be a bit of a role reversal for the "