Kristen Stewart On Hallucinating Robert Pattinson In 'New Moon'

A big question that's been rattling around in the "Twilight" community over the "New Moon" movie is how Robert Pattinson's Edward Cullen will appear. The dreamy he-vampire shifts to the sidelines for much of "New Moon," appearing primarily as a voice in Bella's (Kristen Stewart) head. Since RPattz's disembodied voice won't thrill audiences in quite the same way that his bare-chested presence will, some creative license will be taken for the movie. As changes from book to movie go, I think this one will go over well.

Still, no one really knows how Pattinson's appearance will play out. No one outside the cast and crew that is. So when MTV caught up with Kristen Stewart and San Diego Comic-Con, we naturally asked her what the score was.