Comic-Con: "Dexter" Star Michael C. Hall Talks New Action Figure

By Ryan Downey

Parent groups, sharpen your pitchforks: cable TV’s serial-killing anti-hero "Dexter" can now be found on the shelves at neighborhood toy stores.

Demand for the articulated and accessorized plastic version of Michael C. Hall’s title character from the Showtime series is undeniable, as fans quickly snatched up all of the reported 1,000 of the “Dark Defender” variation unveiled exclusively at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

“It’s fun. It’s ridiculous. It’s crazy. We just shot this pilot of a show down in Miami and now there’s a little action figure. It’s a crazy progression,” Hall told MTV.

The Comic-Con exclusive action figure naturally comes packaged with a plastic knife, a hooded cloak and a commemorative “Dexter” blood slide. “I thought that was pretty sweet,” Hall said with a laugh.

The actor put aside a box of the toys to give to his buddies and keeps one in his trailer on set. “Who knows what [my friends] do with them. But they are fun to send in the mail.”

Michael C. Hall has earned Emmy, Golden Globe and SAG Award nominations for his portrayal of Dexter Morgan, the Miami Police crime lab employee who moonlights as a killer-of-killers, carefully butchering the murderers he pursues with his comrades by day. His show isn’t based on a comic book or a video game nor set in outer space or Middle Earth, but the former “Six Feet Under” star understands “Dexter” is exactly the type of darkly humorous niche drama fare that elicits fanboy devotion. “There’s no David Fisher action figure. But ‘Dexter’? It’s the kind of show that inspires that sort of thing," he acknowledged.

"Dexter"’s fourth season begins in September and will put the outwardly normal vigilante in increasingly difficult circumstances that complicate his crusade. In addition to the emergence of other dark characters with whom he will have to contend, there’s his home life. “He’s really upping the ante in terms of his logistical challenges. How is he going to indulge his compulsion while living under the same roof with three kids and a wife? And he’s like any new parent -- sleep-deprived and overextended on all fronts.”

The same month Season 4 premieres, Hall will be seen alongside Gerard Butler (300) and Chris “Ludacris” Bridges (Crash) in "Gamer," a sci-fi flick reminiscent of “The Running Man” with a video game twist from “Crank” creators Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor.