JELL-O Wrestling With Megan Fox, Negotiating With James Cameron, And More In Five Favorite Comic-Con Moments

Pooped is the word of the day for everyone still walking around the San Diego Comic-Con. Still, the MTV News gang had a blast here and we hope you've been digging our coverage. We've cranked out nearly 50 video segments here and the amazing thing is it's truly just the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned this week and in the weeks ahead for extensive interviews we banked here with James Cameron, Peter Jackson, Terry Gilliam, Tim Burton, Megan Fox, and literally dozens more.

In the meantime as we pack up our bags here I thought I'd share with you my favorite five interview moments. Again, these are just a sampling of what went down here but I think they're a fair representation of all the fun we all had in sharing our Comic-Con experience.

First off, anytime you're talking to the likes of Megan Fox it's always a pleasant surprise when A) JELL-O wrestling is mentioned and B) it wasn't mentioned by you.

We all know James Cameron is as intense as they come on the set. So it was a relief when I found the brilliant filmmaker in jovial spirits the other day--so much so that we began haggling over freebies at his movies.

I can't think of too many filmmakers I have more fondness for than Tim Burton. And just the fact that we corralled him in our studio for 15 minutes still makes me giddy days later.

Ah, the infectious laugh of Cameron Diaz. Watch below as a flippant comment about a sequel title sends the beauty into hysterics.

Danny Devito was the last interview on a loooong day holed up in our studio at the convention center. We were all a little punch drunk but leave it to Danny to rouse our spirits with his riff about wanting to get naked with Angelina Jolie.

There you have it, five of my favorites. Stay classy, San Diego! We'll see you next year.