Comic-Con: Tim Burton Says Johnny Depp 'Saved' Him During 'Alice In Wonderland' Panel

By now you've already heard about Johnny Depp's surprise appearance during Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" panel, so now the question is: was it planned?

Burton weighed in on his star's brief but roof-raising appearance at Comic-Con in an exclusive chat with MTV News.

"He saved me there," Burton told MTV News. "I'm struggling away and then he walks out... and it was good."

As for where Depp disappeared to after the panel, Burton said it wasn't entirely unlikely that the mega-star took a tour of the floor -- possibly as one of his most iconic characters.

"He's never been [to Comic-Con] ... and i don't know, he could've dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow and just been one of many," laughed the director.