Comic-Con: Robert Rodriguez Says Lindsay Lohan Has A Role In 'Machete'... If She Wants It

"Machete," the first film spawned from the too-cool trailers peppering Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez' "Grindhouse" double feature will begin shooting next week, according to Rodriguez -- and Lindsay Lohan has a role waiting for her.

The "Sin City" director dropped by Movies Blog HQ to promote his upcoming family-friendly feature "Shorts," and while he was there, we had to get an update on the Danny Trejo-starring trailer that's soon to become a full-length film.

"I can't say too much about it except we start shooting in a couple weeks," Rodriguez told MTV News. "These things come together very quickly and we're casting right now. The script just came out great."

Along with addressing the uncommon need for the film to live up to its trailer, the director said the only official casting thus far has been Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez. While he wouldn't confirm rumors that Robert DeNiro might have a role in the film, he did say that Lindsay Lohan has a part waiting for... if she wants it.

"Lindsay's cool," said Rodriguez. "There's actually cool part in the movie for her if she takes it."

Looking forward to "Machete"? What do you think about Robert DeNiro or Lindsay Lohan joining the cast?