'Alice In Wonderland' Teaser Trailer In Freeze Frames

Rather than delivering a stylized logo, a release date and nothing more, the just-released teaser trailer for Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" is generously packed with real, actual movie footage. And it's great. Burton is just the right guy to bring Lewis Carroll's wacked-out vision of Wonderland to modern audiences, with liberal help from CG animation and Johnny Depp of course.

In fact, it is so packed with psychedelic goodness, that it's easy to let the little details fly by. Don't worry though-- we've got you covered. Over on MTV.com, I've put together a little shot-by-shot breakdown of the trailer for your reading pleasure. We've also got the HD version available now for your viewing pleasure. Capping it all off is a Freeze Frames image gallery which hits every major moment in the trailer.