Kevin Spacey Tokes Up And Kicks Knowledge About Pot Smoking In Movies

Kevin SpaceyIn 1999’s “American Beauty,” Kevin Spacey played a depressed suburban dad who experiences a transcendental reawakening. So he starts smoking a particularly potent strain of government-engineered marijuana.

Today a new Spacey flick, “Shrink,” hits theaters, and in this one he portrays a pot-smoking depressive and Hollywood therapist who is so hopelessly addicted he tokes up in the shower and in the bathroom of a pediatric waiting room. Unlike its effect on his blissed-out “Beauty” brother, blazing is nothing but cheerless trouble for the shrink in “Shrink.”

So what’s going on here? Why does one Spacey character become a happy-go-lucky pothead, while the other becomes a despondent drug addict in need of an intervention? In an interview with MTV News, the Academy Award-winning actor was only too pleased to provide an explanation.

“It all comes down to the kind of pot you’re smoking,” he declared.

Spacey went on for a while about the ins, outs and U-turns of getting high on-screen, but the stiffs who fancy themselves the Standards & Practices department weren’t keen to let the entire clip out into the wilds of the Interwebs. So here’s just a fragrant whiff of Spacey’s cinematic stoner philosophy…