Kurt Loder Reviews 'Orphan'

OrphanFROM MTV.COM: Little Esther has been a bad girl. A very bad girl. For most of her nine years, in fact — although as the new horror movie "Orphan" opens, all we know of her earlier life is that she was left homeless when her previous adoptive family died in a fire. How fortunate that she managed to escape. Now she's available to be re-adopted by another family, and here come the well-to-do Colemans to scoop her up. Naturally they haven't thought to hide the matches or anything, but they'll learn, soon enough.

"Orphan" is an evil-kid movie with a fresh, inventive twist at the end. This twist doesn't stand up under retrospective contemplation, but how many do? And the picture is so strongly cast and beautifully shot that when the ending arrives, it's so crafty that we accept it out of simple consumer gratitude.

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