Classic Video Games 'Castlevania' And 'Asteroids' Get High Scores In Today's Dailies -- 7/23/09

Denzel WashingtonDust off your rocker switches and joysticks, because Hollywood seems to be all about video games this week -- well, video games and comic books. Today's Dailies feature gaming's most famous vampire hunter, as well as plenty of news from Comic-Con, with "Roger Rabbit 2," "Alice in Wonderland," and much more.

-- James Wan, who helped launch the wonderful world of the "Saw" movies now gets to bring famous vampire hunter Simon Belmont to theaters, as he writers and directs a film version of the classic Konami video game "Castlevania." (Blood Disgusting)

-- Producer Lornezo di Bonaventura says his team has "crafted a really strong, deep mythology" for their film adaptation for the really classic video game "Asteroids." (IGN)

-- After walking away from Tony Scott's 20th Century Fox drama "Unstoppable," Denzel Washington has officially returned to star alongside Chris Pine. (Variety)

-- Johnny Depp made a surprise appearance next to Tim Burton at Comic-Con in San Diego to promote "Alice in Wonderland." (The Hollywood Reporter)

-- Robert Zemeckis says that all 2D cartoon characters will remain in 2D if he makes "Roger Rabbit 2." (MTV News)

-- "Hancock" and "Iron Man" special effects man Matthew Gratzner will make his directorial debut with a film update of the '70s U.K. TV series "UFO." (Variety)

-- Anthony DiBlasi's film adaptation of Clive Barker's "Dread" will join After Dark Film's Horrorfest 4 and show up in theaters starting January 29, 2010. (Variety)

-- Lastly, we bid a fond and thankful farewell to Canadian actor and former "You Can't Do That On Television" star Les Lye, who passed away Tuesday at the age of 84. Even if you don't recognize the name, you're likely to remember his catchphrase from his days as Barth: "I heard that!"(CTV)