'Tron' Lightcycles And Glowing Discs In Today's eBay Prop-Watch

TronDid you hear? The "Tron" sequel has a title! It's "Tron Legacy." Good stuff, right? Better than "Tr2n," at any rate. Even if that number-letter fusion was the real title, I'd be psyched. "Tron" is one of my favorite Disney flicks, right up there with "Alice in Wonderland" and "Robin Hood." It's definitely my favorite live-action Disney.

Today's eBay Prop-Watch pick is not a prop, no sir. It's ten different kinds of awesome though, especially since you can actually play with the darn thing. In the spirit of "Tron"'s official naming, I present to you... well... keep reading. That's how this whole thing works: first I tease, then I deliver the goods.

Oh. Yes.

I remember playing this thing -- and banging on its cursed coin-op shell with my closed fist -- at the local Nathan's game room. Random bit of trivia for the day: the Nathan's in my hometown Oceanside, NY is the second one built, after the famous Coney Island location. Oh, the hundreds of dollars in quarters that I spent there.

But I digress. What we have here is the coin-op "Tron" arcade game. It's damnably hard, a certifiable quarter-eater. Not that you'd have to worry about such problems if you owned this beautiful piece of machinery. Space is really what's at issue here, for now at least. The bidding currently rests at $305, though with more than seven days to go in the auction, the final price could turn out to be anything.

What price is too much for this delicious piece of "Tron" history? Do you think the coming sequel will drive the auction to outlandish heights? The seller claims that "games in this condition" have sold on eBay for as much as $2,000. How about this one though? I'll say this: I'd pay $300 for it, no question.