EXCLUSIVE: What's Going On At The 'Tron' Comic-Con Panel? MTV News Has The Goods

TronOur Comic-Con preview continues today with what is surely one of the most anticipated films of the San Diego gathering: Disney's updated take on 1982’s man-in-the-machine mind-frak "Tron." Quite a change from 2008’s "Tron" at Con brain-melting bombshell.

“Last year we had the benefit of surprise,” "Tron" producer Sean Bailey told MTV News. “We had some visual test stuff to show that no one knew we had [prepared], which is really fun to be able to surprise a crowd that is pretty much unsurprise-able.”

That visual test showed off a high-tech clip of a lightcycle race—a take on one of the many iconic scenes from the original film—and the crowd went wild. Cut to 2009: with the “Tron” shoot having wrapped in Vancouver just a week ago, the task for filmmakers is both the same and quite different: everyone is well aware of a new “Tron” and there’s not a ton of complete footage available to show off.

No matter though! Bailey promises new looks, surprise appearances and—fingers crossed!—a peek at the 3-D visuals of the new flick.

“We just don’t have that much finished stuff available,” Bailey explained. “We hope to have a trick or two up our sleeves that will make the panel worth attending and have a few new things to let people know about. We might be seeing some 3-D.”

It's not only that the movie finished filming mere days ago. This new "Tron" is also just incredibly CG-oriented, and the digital post-production process won’t be finished for another year, Bailey said.

Still, at Thursday’s presentation in Hall H, “Tron” junkies will get more than their fill. For the uninitiated, the new film picks up decades after the original ended, as tech-geek Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) goes searching for his missing father (Jeff Bridges, the first film’s star), who Sam discovers has been trapped in a computer-generated world of warring programs and kill-or-be-killed contests.

“The way we’re approaching this is a very collegial, get-inside-the-head of our director [Joseph Kosinski]” Bailey said. “He’ll talk about how he made the movie, his thought process about how the ’82 [movie] informed where we were going. We’ll have Steven Lisberger there, who was the creator of the movie, so he’ll talk about then-vs.-now, both story-wise and visually.”

Of course, there’s also the small matter of the exact title. Will it be “Tron 2.0,” “TR2N,” “Tron 2,” or something else entirely? And will the decision be announced at the Con? Bailey’s lips are sealed, but he did throw out a hint, “I think we’ll be clearing that up pretty soon.”

What do you think the title should be? What are you hoping to see emerge from the presentation?