Val Kilmer On The 'Willow' Set Dating Scene In Vintage Vids

I'm not entirely sure that a video interview from July 2008 really counts as "vintage." It works today though because of Warwick Davis's comments on the (admittedly far-fetched) possibility of George Lucas getting the gang back together for a sequel. Still, Davis was more hopeful on the "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" red carpet about the "Willow" sequel possibilities than fellow star Val Kilmer was in the below video.

Which isn't to say that MTV's Josh Horowitz shied away from asking Mad Martigan about his "Willow" experiences. Kilmer hems and haws a bit, but he eventually dishes a rather interesting, and apparently documented, detail. In the actor's own words, "more little people got together," wink, wink towards the camera, "in 'Willow' than any time in history." Well... uhhh... wow Val. Neat bit of trivia there. Watch the clip; it's pretty hilarious.

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