Warwick Davis On A 'Willow' Sequel And The George Lucas TV Series That Almost Was

Warwick DavisEveryone’s got their pop culture fever dreams. Jimmy Fallon is on a one-man mission of awesome to stage a “Saved by the Bell” reunion. At MTV, we’ve been holding a candle—a candle flickering with magical goodness—for another go at George Lucas’ fantastical adventure story, “Willow.”

Why? Firstly, because Kelly Kapowski can still make a grown man weep. And secondly, because dragons, sorcerers and Val Kilmer are still cool after all these years. Really. We’ll leave “SbtB” to Fallon and his staff and instead concentrate on shamelessly drumming up support for more “Willow,” the 1988 film about a little person tasked with protecting a baby who, it is prophesied, will grow up to conquer an evil queen.

Last time we caught up with the star and namesake of “Willow,” Warwick Davis, he spoke enthusiastically about the potential for a sequel. A year later, on the red carpet for the premiere of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” last week, we again spoke with Davis about our shared hope for more “Willow” magic.

“I’ve talked to George Lucas about it and he said, ‘Well, we did consider a TV series at one point,’” he told us. “So if enough people keep talking about it, then maybe we’ll get something. But I’d love to do it. I’m older, I’m wiser now. I’d love to have another go back at the ‘Willow’ movie.”

While there is source material for another film, it’s fairly crappy source material, and best left to collect dust on a book shelf. We want to know what Davis would like to see in another film. “The character is older, definitely he’s a more accomplished sorcerer now, so we can really see some great magic from him,” he said.

And, of course, there’s the potential that Kilmer, as the rascally swordsman Madmartigan, will join up as well. Check out the video to watch Davis expound on the possibilities for another “Willow” and the connection between the original film and the “Harry Potter” franchise.

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