You Don't Have To Be Afraid Of No Ghosts Thanks To Today's eBay Prop-Watch

Ghostbusters"Ghostbusters" is pretty much the best that movies get, at least from where I'm sitting. I've always been up front about my undying passion for "Star Wars" here on MTV Movies Blog, but "Ghostbusters" is one of the tens of flicks that fit comfortably into the second place spot on my all-time favorites list.

I should be clear before we continue that today's eBay Prop-Watch showcases an item which is not in fact a prop. It is a replica. A really, really freaking cool replica. I don't think I'll be ponying up the cash to add this particular item to my collection, but that doesn't detract in the slightest from the fact that some massive fan crafted this beautiful thing by hand. Bustin' does indeed make me feel good, but whoever this item's creator is, it undoubtedly makes him/her feel better.

C'mon... admit it. That's just awesome. It won't actually catch ghosts of course, though I wouldn't recommend looking directly into the trap. Seriously. There are lights in there, and bright ones from the look of it.

Now for the "Twinkie" news. The seller has set a $340 Buy It Now price for this puppy. Clearly a lot of time and effort went into creating this, but considering that you can own a piece of Chewbacca for less than $200, the $300+ asking price for this thing seems incredibly steep. That doesn't mean I can't drool though!