'Harry Potter' And Other Movie Wizards From Around The Blogosphere -- 7/16/09

HumpdayLots of good stuff popping around the blogosphere today. The problem with these round-up posts is that it's hard to really collect everything. Feel free to tip me here though; with so much stuff to file through, I will undoubtedly miss things. If you feel there's something that might be suitable for Around the Blogosphere, hit me up at tips@mtvmoviesblog.com. For now though, here's the latest set of click-worthy links...

-- MTV contributor Jenni Miller has a great opinion piece up at Cinematical about director Mark Duplass's Sundance darling "Humpday," which is now out in limited release. Take a look at our exclusive clip if you don't know about the movie, which also features Joshua Leonard ("The Blair Witch Project") in a starring role. Jenni contends that "Humpday" is not in fact a bromance movie, despite the heavy overtones of straight male-on-straight male action. A well thought out and easy to digest set of observations. (Cinematical)

-- IGN Movies has a set of suggestions up -- with tongue planted firmly in cheek, of course -- for the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences as they plan next year's Academy Awards ceremony. The MPAA announced a few weeks ago that the Best Picture category would be upped for next year from five nominations to 10, much to the chagrin of many (including the MTV Newsroom). There are some great ideas on the list, but the best has got to be suggestion that Susan Boyle be added to the roster. I know MTV's Eric Ditzian would be really excited for that one. (IGN Movies)

-- David Chen over at /Film continues to work his way through the "Harry Potter" series, which he's checking out for the first time. I missed yesterday's posting, so there are two links for you today, gathering David's impressions of everything from "Chamber of Secrets" to "Order of the Phoenix." (Part two and part three on /Film)

-- Rotten Tomatoes has a listicle up running through the "Best Movie Wizards." Gee, I wonder which of this week's releases that list is spun off of? There are some kickass wizards in there, though I'm a little bummed that they left out "Warlock." (Rotten Tomatoes)

-- Finally I've got a pretty cool "Star Wars"-themed Photoshop contest from Worth1000. I can't even describe it; just click the link. Fine, you want some encouragement? One image features Emperor Palpatine surrounded by cherubic babies. Like I said, click the link. (Worth1000)