Tom Felton For Riley In 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse'?

Hey Twilighters! Note that this here post originates at Hollywood Crush, MTV's new source for young Hollywood news and commentary! I still love you here on Movies Blog -- I've even been planning something special for y'all -- but make sure you check out Crush every day for the latest updates on your favorite vampires!

FROM HOLLYWOOD CRUSH: Tom FeltonMaybe its his boyish good looks, his charming smile or his perfectly mastered snarl, but there’s something about Tom Felton that makes us want more. The “Harry Potter” star is sure to wow audiences with his tortured portrayal of Draco Malfoy in tomorrow’s (!) “Half-Blood Prince” and maybe even earn some Oscar buzz now that the Academy Awards have opened themselves up to 10 nominees.

But, there is a different sort of buzz going on from a fan circuit often found opposing “Harry Potter”: “Twilight” fans are clamoring for Tom to play Victoria’s lackey Riley in 2010’s “Eclipse.”

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