Seth Rogen Loses His 'Green Hornet' After Stephen Chow Drops Out

Stephen ChowFROM SPLASH PAGE: Seth Rogen’s “The Green Hornet” has seen its share of setbacks, almost all involving Stephen Chow. Now, it appears that “Hornet” has hit yet another delay, and will be in need of a new Kato, the role Chow was set to play.

SpoilerTV has discovered an open casting call for the part of Kato. However, they are looking for a non-specific Asian, and no longer require any martial arts experience — a description that could shed some light on Rogen’s take on the classic character.

In the serials, Kato was a skilled fighter, driver, and mechanic, but not necessarily a master of any martial arts. But after Bruce Lee made the part his own, the tradition has been to have a Kato who was an expert in martial arts. It’s now an iconic part of the character, especially after Quentin Tarantino ran with the imagery with the Crazy 88s in “Kill Bill.”

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