'New Moon' Character Discussion And A Possible New 'TMNT' Writer In The Dailies -- 7/13/09

Danny HustonAs I told you all last week, The Dailies are back. So let's hop right in, shall we? Today on Hollywood's Internets, the following news didn't quite make it into MTV Movies Blog's coverage space:

-- Ridley Scott's "Robin Hood" has found its King Richard. And look out! He's an evil general bent on twisting soldiers into superhuman monstrosities! Danny Huston, who was last seen playing William Stryker in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," will presumably grant the outlaw Robin (Russell Crowe) a pardon when he returns from the Third Crusade as Richard the Lionheart. (THR)

-- Warner Bros and "Public Enemies" producer Kevin Misher are putting together a project called "Vegas Avengers," a high-flying air combat movie which is said to "contain echoes of 'Top Gun.'" Newcomer Soo Hugh will write. (THR)

-- Christopher Heyerdahl, "New Moon"'s Marcus, sits down to talk about his character in the upcoming "Twilight" sequel. A lengthy and in-depth interview, well worth your time. (Sci Fi Wire)

-- A blink-and-you'll-miss-it update to the official "TMNT" site listed screenwriter John Fusco as being part of a panel at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con. Fusco notably wrote both "Young Guns" movies, as well as "Hidalgo" and "The Forbidden Kingdom." Now it seems he may be onboard for the next live-action "Turtles" movie, scheduled for 2011. (A "TMNT" fan blog via /Film)

-- Filmmaker Steven Soderbergh is apparently thinking about doing a sequel to "The Limey," which would necessarily include Terrence Stamp and Michael Keaton. The word comes not from the man himself, but from wife Jules Asner. (Adam Corolla podcast via TotalFilm)

-- More zombies coming soon. Circle of Confusion is producing "Gatekeeper," a zombie thriller in which three friends fend of a zombie incursion. A decidedly geeky (yet awesome) cast has been announced: Matthew O'Leary, Lea Thompson, Judge Reinhold, Ron Perlman and Jana Kramer. (Variety)